Sean O'Donnell's Projects!

Hello there! Welcome to the place where I'm going to show you everything that I've made. From small to large I've created my fair share of websites and applications.

Languages: Over my time I've been using PHP To create my websites, however most of the sites you see me use are actually using the Laravel Framework. Infact all of the sites I have built is using this framework. just purely because of how well it works and the fact that it does the job really well. I've also used small parts of VB,C# and C++. Enough to do whatever I've wanted those languages to do.

Site List

  • CallOfDutyModding Link
  • CallOfDutyModding is a custom made site dedicated to hosting Call Of Duty modifications. It features a full drag and drop file transfer interface, user profiles and support for viewing and downloading mods. Also comes with stat trackers and a C# Application built to take advantage of the API. This site is still currently in development with new features being added whenever possible.

  • TheGameNode Link
  • TheGameNode was created just so I could have a better in game name. I wanted a community or clan to represent so I founded my own. The site uses Invasion Power Boards IPB Software for forums. TheGameNode, Dedihost and SeansPCGaming are currently merging.

  • YGOCalc Link
  • was created with the intention of tracking duels in the popular card game Yu-Gi-Oh. I wanted a place where I could view the results in a database later to see where I might have went wrong with my card choices. It allows you to track individual users lifepoints and current deck they are using. It also comes with a table view of what has happened in the duel so far including what card attacked.

  • MarioShare Link
  • Marioshare was created after the community around the game Super Mario Maker were angry with Nintendos poor implamentation of a custom level viewer. I created the site to fill the gap and help users find levels more easily. I am glad to say that the site was a success. Nintendo has fixed their problems with the game and thus the site is no longer in development due to a better official option being available. I keep the site online as an archive to those users that uploaded their levels. The site featured a random level button to fetch a completely random level from our database. It had user management and an option to donate to users that you liked. It also included things like comments, ratings and sharing with your friends over social media.

  • TopGameServers Link

    A place for server admins and players to advertise servers and vote for their favourites. I created it to compete with the other game server trackers out there and to learn a bit about how server querying works.

  • Dedihost CLOSED
  • Dedihost is what I used when I was hosting game servers and creating game server communities, however that site is now merging with TheGameNode. However everything is still there incase you want to have a look at what was done. Work included integrating other peoples PHP code into my own to ensure that things like Top Players worked correctly on the custom intro screen I made.

  • SeansPCGaming CLOSED

    This is another website which is merging with TheGameNode. I used it as my personal blog for my YouTube Channel and now it will be merging with TheGameNode as all my thoughts will now be going over there.

Application List

  • TwitchAutomator Link
  • This app has went through so many updates it's hard to list them all here. I've developed an open source application that detects the game you are playing against a list of popular games and changes your Twitch Stream Title + Game to suit that. Features Customization allowing all aspects to be changed.
    Open source etc... Github Repo

  • MKVtoMP4 Link
  • In an old job I had someone wanted to convert files. Using FFMPeg I build an easy interface to allow them to do so. Many other applications out there do the same thing either paid or open source. More the merrier. It's very simple and all it does is provide a GUI for FFMpeg.

  • Call Of Duty Modding Mod Manager
  • I also built an application that interacted with the API to show it off and also get the ball rolling on the possibilities with the API.