Sean O'Donnell's Projects!

Hello there! Welcome to the place where I'm going to show you everything that I've made. From small to large I've created my fair share of websites and applications.

Languages: Over my time I've been using PHP To create my websites, however most of the sites you see me use are actually using the Laravel Framework. Infact all of the sites I have built is using this framework. just purely because of how well it works and the fact that it does the job. I've also used small parts of VB,C# and C++. Enough to do whatever I've wanted those languages to do.


  • TheGamingDB Link
  • Site for interacting and logging various information in the Blizzard API. Used to track guild kills etc, during development was released with competes heavily with WoWProgress forcing them to keep up and innovate, don't think we need a 3rd saturating the market. ON-HOLD

  • WebsiteDiag Link
  • Advanced logging for websites.

  • WoWGuildTemplate Link
  • Easy to use Warcraft Guild Website Template

Site List

  • YGOCalc Link
  • was created with the intention of tracking duels in the popular card game Yu-Gi-Oh. I wanted a place where I could view the results in a database later to see where I might have went wrong with my card choices. It allows you to track individual users lifepoints and current deck they are using. It also comes with a table view of what has happened in the duel so far including what card attacked.

Out of Date

  • CallOfDutyModding Link
  • Created as a platform to share and show off your mods with the Call Of Duty Community. Due to the success of Steam Workshop there was very little need for my site, however was very fun to play around with Dropzones, Ajax, JS and getting something that worked on one page off the ground. />

  • TheGameNode Link
  • TheGameNode was created just to trial out the IP.Board software and create a small gaming community.

  • MarioShare Link
  • Marioshare was created as an answer to the sharing level problem within the game Super Mario Maker. It attracted a sizeable audience sharing their levels with everyone! This was my first real go at creating something special, it included reviews, ratings, comments, videos, random level generator, search functionality, api and various other features.