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A Reinvention

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After a fair amount of deliberating and debating. It’s time for another switch up. Yes… another. I realize I change usernames and branding every year, but hey, I enjoy it, so here we are. This probably won’t affect many people that read this blog, but I like to keep it somewhere. A record of change so to speak. The deed poll update of the internet! One thing that will always remain pivotal is this blog. It’s the real me, unedited and raw. It leads far more on the professional side, with a heavy leaning on being linkedin friendly.

New username is Brawhammer on all various social media platforms. If you want to follow what gaming specific stuff I’m up to, that’s how you can do it. It’ll be the new channel I stream from.

I am leaving social media personally. Far to addicting and angry when I’ve got a baby on the way that I want to focus on. I’ll still follow it on the relevant socials for news, updates and discussion with fans on things that aren’t angry news and politics!

I’ve retired SwitchedBit. The domain expired and I had no willingness to renew it. I’ve fell out of love with it sadly and I hope someone else can make it what I couldn’t should they ever want to. It was my intention to do a tech / programming blog / vlog channel with it and explore various aspects of tech that I wouldn’t normally. But I’m far to anxious to do that. While I know my skills and know what I’m talking about, I just don’t think I could deal with a live chat or a comment section picking apart every frame. And I only say that based on watching other content creators doing the same kind of content. It’s a hard gig and I’m not cut out for it… Not yet.

It’s weird saying that. I’ve been doing live streaming and general youtubing since about 2008. Since I was just 11 years old. So you’d expect that as time went on I’d be far more confident in it. Which I am, it’s helped massively in my career, but my problem is always muddling identities and being callous with what I post. Being angry one night and taking it out on some poor unsuspecting redditor isn’t the vibe you want to bring when you’re trying to launch a gaming channel. Last thing I want is for something to really go somewhere and it gets taken down because I called someone a rude word 10 years ago when I was 16.

So, I rebrand, I remove myself from those previous usernames and identities and flower new ones. I suppose it’s cleansing in a way. But I’ve always been paranoid about them linking through to my new ones and “tainting” them so to speak. For the most part I’ve tried to shut many of them down. Even going as far as reporting them for breach of COPPA guidelines. What is interesting is I have accounts that I can’t access anymore but I can’t prove I own them, yet youtube has my data on them. I’m not sure how GDPR works with that. Perhaps that’s an avenue. But in a world of AI and extremely underpaid support workers. I have no chance of getting my original accounts back. Hence why my attachment to names has always been so seasonal, I’ve never been able to plant roots because of being hacked, accounts lost, websites shutting down and just generally misspelling and failing to come up with a decent name. Fun fact, did you know that AOL put two factor requirements on their email accounts even if you never verified the number on your account. I have an AOL account from when I was genuinely about 8, and I can’t access it anymore because the number on it was from my emergency phone as a child, which…. I’ve not had for nearly 18 years. AOL refuses to believe this of course.

Anyway, all that out of the way. There’s just a wee update for how things are going and where you can find me. All gaming related content will be under the channel Brawhammer. This blog is going to remain for anything personal, project updates and that kinda thing. You can follow me if you want, I won’t be offended if you aren’t interested!

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